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The Top 10 Questions I get asked on a regular basis.

  1. What kind of music do you personally listen to?

I like EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Country, 90’s, and anything by Adele and Journey.  If you happen to enjoy these styles, I know them well.  If you don’t, it’s ok.  I will play music that represents your tastes.

  1. We just went to a wedding and the DJ wouldn’t stop talking. What is your style?

I will act as the Master of Ceremonies and control the flow of the event.   I don’t talk over the music when the party gets going.  Sorry, no shoutouts.

  1. How do you dress?

I wear a nicely tailored suit and a sharp tie.  DJs in tuxedos are no longer in style.

  1. What if you’re sick? Will you show up?

I rest up and drink tea all day.  You would never know if I am.  DJs (well, I) don’t call in sick.  If I ever have an emergency, which after 20 some years has never happened, I have good friends that would step up to the occasion and help out.

  1. What if no one is dancing?

I will find the right mix of music that your guests will respond to.  It’s not necessary to pull people out of their seats.

  1. What if your truck breaks down on the way?

The tow truck will drop me off at your venue.  I’ll deal with the rest after the party is over.

  1. How much do you charge?

There are many factors involved in coming up with the best price for your needs.  This we will discuss.

  1. 3. What about equipment failure?

I always carry with me extra equipment as well as 2 laptops with redundant music files.

  1. Why aren’t you on the top of Wedding Wire’s list of DJs?

The placement is according to how much a DJ pays.  I don’t pay for my site.  I’m there because brides keep reviewing me.

And the #1 Question:  Should we meet before the wedding?

Yes, this is the planning meeting in which I will guide and help you design your day just the way you want .