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Sweet 16You’ve booked the venue, invited all of your friends and relatives.  The room is decorated and looks awesome! The cake has been delivered.  Your guests are starting to arrive.  Did you hire a DJ that can bring this party together all together?  The first impression your guests have of the music is going to let them know that they’re going to have a great time…or not.  While everyone is saying hello to one another, is the volume at a nice rate? Chances are, if you booked a new guy to save some money, at least a few times, it will show.  But when he can’t get everyone dancing and people leave early, you might not think he was the best value for the money.  Oh, he brought his ipod? Some of the music had explicit lyrics? And he didn’t even play age appropriate music?

Wedding ReceptionsIf you hire me, I will keep your guests happy from the time they walk in the room, until the last song of the night.  I find this to be easy to accomplish and I truly enjoy my work.  It’s the right mix of music, at the appropriate volume, on a quality sound system.

Everyone loves to go to a party, everyone should have a great time.  For peace of mind, ask me for my availability and price.  Let’s make this happen.